The Man from Oklahoma

Oklahoma John

Il ranch degli spietati

Ranch of the Ruthless

Der Sherrif von Rio

Genre: Western

Year: 1965 | Runtime: 84

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Riding into a small town in New Mexico, the new sheriff (Rick Horn) finds there is no respect for the law. The town is being run over by rancher Edward's (Joseph Calvo) men, led by Hondo (Charles Alberty). Few are willing to stand up to them, and fewer are willing to put any trust in the new sheriff.

As he starts to investigate the murder of another rancher named White, those responsible kill the witnesses and dispose of the clues. The motive becomes clear and he discovers who are involved, but will there be enough evidence left to convict them?


Directed by: Jaime Jesús Balcázar, Robert Bianchi Montero

Screenplay by: Alfonso Balcázar, Helmut Harun, Giuseppe Maggi


Anton Geesink

Karl-Otto Alberty

Sabine Bethmann

George Herzig

José Calvo

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